The Wheel of 4 Directions

The wheel of the 4 directions, as we practice it and as we have received it, takes inspiration from the Native American medicine wheel, although it does not imitate its techniques, rules, and language.

The wheel of the 4 directions allows us to receive useful information and resources. When we listen to this ritual we can receive insights, images, sounds or sensations directly from the universal source; it is an inner compass that connects us with the mind and higher consciousness, in which we can mirror the feeling that we belong in all relationships. Each quadrant of the wheel represents a direction; a physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental place which relates to the very qualities that that quadrant represents in an archetypal and physical way in creation; starting from an external point of view, we can enter inside ourselves whilst mirroring the natural and universal principles that exert an influence in life.


With this symbolic spiritual model, we understand at a deep cellular level how the universal mind and therefore the human mind operates: a space in which we can grasp the similarities and integrate them into our body-mind-soul system. It is only by observing the wheel and its colours that the ancestral memory of our ancestors is awakened, so that we can recognise the language of healing. Orienting us more in the physical and spiritual world, we can immediately experience ourselves as a reflection of the universal motto: “as within, so without”.

Linear time, as we know it, leaves room for experimentation with circular time and non-time; the here and now. In fact, the themes we can explore with this practice are endless: it just depends on the limits of our imagination and the intent of healing and knowledge we want to receive. With an open heart we can trust ourselves, and the answers we seek will come to us as a download from the universe, as anything else that we may need to take the next step in life.

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