Ritual crafting ritual corporate

creates and customises corporate rituals
for self-employed people, teams, organisations.

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Our work is primarily aimed at those who seek balance in their relationships, greater expansion, empathy, bringing openness of heart into the world of work and thus beneficial results to society.

In Detail:

Our organisation is not associated with any national institutional school or institute, nor with any managerial training. Furthermore, it is not in our agenda to teach any marketing skills and/or related technologies that support business and work in general.
Expansion of Awareness

It must be made clear that our offer does not specifically concern the field of therapy or psychological care and does not want to take its place, but it is also true that the two things can work in synergy.

The Instrument:

Ritual Crafting is to be considered solely as a tool for the expansion of awareness and awakening of consciousness so that every human being realises that they can positively influence the direction and results of their choices for themselves and their business.

Openes and Fluidity

What we offer is not about, does not resemble and is not inspired by business coaching methods, although it operates in the same field; therefore, we are not concerned with working with people to achieve set goals that can generate, for example, greater profit and production optimisation.

This does not mean that working with Ritual Crafting does not provide access to openings that amplify the channel of receiving abundance, including economic abundance, and generate greater fluidity in the company departments at various levels.

Evolutionary Experiences

The potential of our organisation manifests itself by bringing people into a pragmatic experience of what you feel and experience; in this sense, it is a training to be in the experience and live in its completeness.

By being in the experience, memory becomes more embodied in our states of being: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual body.

Every experience lived in the business environment – such as answering an email, dealing with a difficult subject, or a problem to be solved – can become a richer experience, full of challenges that can lead to the human-company system presence, and bring insights for growth and evolution.

Personalized pathways

Ritual Crafting organises thematic residential seminars, individual consultations, and group pathways. We support companies, freelancers, employees, and organisations with pathways that can take place on a yearly, two-yearly, or three-yearly basis for any requirement.

Our team makes itself available by creating rituals and events for personal growth only after a careful and detailed analysis of the characteristics of the client-company in question, taking into consideration the various aspects of its existence and the demands of the company’s soul. Through a subtle dialogue and by acquiring knowledge of the specific dynamics, we thus generate a personalised and unique path.

Your Unique Path.

Let us create the right ritual for you together