Oracular Poetry

 And poetic acts guide us through forgotten places without time or space, a body-oral practice that helps us transcend the mind and objective reality.

A tool to practice the spirit and exercise the atrophied irrational part.

Masculine and Feminine

Attending to the irrational means tapping into the feminine side, developing its qualities, and increasing its presence in us so that we can create more space for feeling, acceptance, and compassion, balancing the rational and the irrational mind, masculine and feminine.

The Language of the Shaman

Under the hat of evocative music as a background, we practice the oracular and poetic language of body and speech, through the use of metaphors with which we can observe the expansion of the imagination as it implies an intuitive perception. The metaphor can then act as a powerful means of emotional transfer and create-action of reality; I like to call it the language of the shaman.

The Benefits

The benefits of this practice are many and tangible in everyday life: increase of imagination, compassion, expansion of the heart. The way of poetry works to transform our lives and our reality; these are priceless gifts that call to presence and existence to be made available to us and our team.

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