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Ritual Crafting aims to develop personalised advice through practices for the expansion of awareness and full development of human potential.

Tools and 

The available tools are the result of a fusion of various working methods deriving from the holistic, therapeutic field and from the re-elaboration of Shamanic Practices.

While our organisation does not use ancient rituals from tribal cultures, nor are there any shamans or healers operating through our structure, it is also true that our practices are inspired by those roots, just as we are practitioners of shamanism intended as a spiritual language and worldview.

Some of our methods are the result of our creativity, which derives from our background, and are therefore unique and unrepeatable in their kind. In other cases, R.C. is enriched by offering tools that are recognised and recognisable in the international holistic sphere; when methods with another origin are used, R.C. publicly recognises their lineage and how the operators are trained and certified.


These are some of the tools we offer within our inner growth pathways:

crisalide cocoon bozzolo trasformazione

R.C. EXUVIA Method

Coming out of ourselves, this movement means shedding the provisional identity developed in the first years of life up to the age of adolescence…

lend art ritual nature coach

Flowers Ritual Design

Communicate with your soul, imagine, visualise, transform your emotions into sculptures, shapes, and installations; let your creative potential flow from your hands…

costellazioni familiari sistemiche

Constellations and Sistemic Rituals

R.S.C. is the beating heart of Ritual crafting practices, within which work with shamanic roots and systemic therapies can manifest.

bagno di foresta shirin yoku

Diving in deep Nature

Taking free inspiration from the popular Shirin-yoku – forest bathing or nature coaching – we offer paths and ritual practices in nature where we can facilitate the unfolding of a dynamic of personal and cultural change.

maturità maschile

The Way of the Mature Masculine

In ancient times, the transition from puberty to adolescence, and then later to the mature age, was celebrated in the tribal context.

dreamcatch acchiappa sogni

Wheel of the 4 Directions

The 4-way wheel, as we practice it and have received it, is inspired by the Native American medicine wheel but does not imitate its techniques, rules, and language.

poesia oracolare atto sacro poetico

Oracular Poetry

Poetic acts guide us through forgotten, timeless, or spaceless dimensions: a body-oral practice that helps us transcend the mind and objective reality. A tool for spiritual practice and to exercise the atrophied irrational part.

Trauma Healing – Inner Child healing – Learning Love

For a healthy and constructive approach in relationships it would be very useful to ask oneself: which inner space am I coming from, which part of me is relating to the external events, which fragmented part of me is making the choices?

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