Ritual crafting ritual corporate
is a container within which a team of specialised facilitators and spiritual researchers put to service their specific skills, offering an experiential path aimed at the creation of added value, which can be manifested in 3 main areas:



Business Organization

team building
Ritual Crafting

We will teach you how to change Vision and
Perspective in your working life

How to integrate rituals into your professional life and not only

In order to obtain a paradigm shift in the workplace, it is necessary to start from a reprogramming of the self; or better from an awaking of our being, first of all by overcoming any prejudice towards the ritual as a potential and implementable resource , secondly, by becoming familiar with this ancestral language that already exists in our cellular memories, renewing our sense of belonging.

Rituals, Company and Profession

The application of rituals in business and professional settings can be manifold, varied and diverse in form, but they all invite people to step out of their mental cage and leave their comfort zone behind.
This movement in itself makes us aware of our limits; observing them, honouring them and infusing them with willpower and discipline provides a psychological jolt that allows us to move away from self-limiting beliefs, transforming repetitive patterns so that business rituals can open windows for new understandings and applications of our creativity, activating new potential, greater intuition and life force.

By turning inward and deconstructing the ego’s defences, we facilitate the natural expression of soul beyond the daily boundaries that separate us from the great inner and outer mysteries. The view of the world is refined in the senses and opens up new cognitive horizons.

From this new space of being you can therefore:


Your personal and business values


A new phase of growth


Professional life and your company with new principles


The quality of relations with colleagues and/or collaborators beyond the strictly professional sphere, exploring and sharing more of the spiritual dimension of things


The process of transformation in yourself, in your company, in services – products


The launch of a new product-service celebrating its creators


The feeling of mutual acceptance and compassion


The choices of the past and the emotions related to them, to open up to what will come


A greater cooperation with employees and colleagues


The sense of self-confidence in events, in life, in the choices being made.


In being before doing


A smooth and non-violent communication sharpening empathic listening skills


Fear, Anger, Stress

Ritual can help you release blockages and dense emotions such as fear, anger, stress, naturally derived from external and internal events and pressures, such as a new company reorganization, change of technological tools, marketing strategies, the transfer of a colleague with whom we had created a friendly, kind, and profitable feeling. In this sense, a ritual can help to release tensions and turn them into available creative energy.


Again, a ritual can help you recognise and avoid burn-out. Recognise your own boundaries and protect them from invasions.


In our view, this process can also be called “healing”. Ultimately, business rituals are for people who want to participate in the creation of a new vision, starting with themselves and their work, and contribute to a new human community that cares for the planet and the prosperity of future generations.

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