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I started my entrepreneurial career at the age of 20, opening my first business.

I am the son of a factory worker and a housewife, in my system of origin there was no knowledge of work except as an employee. In some ways I broke a family belief; so without any experience, training, or instructions and moral or economic support I threw myself into it with the healthy recklessness that a young person of that age can have.

I have spent the last 20 years sustaining my creative drive through a company that deals with floral sets for luxury events; the journey and difficulties in the world of work have often led me to question myself by going into my inner world.

I consider myself an artist, researcher, and experimenter. I have brought a spiritual approach to my business with the clear intention of creating in my working environment a better place to live and spend time, for myself and for others.

I have observed the results of a higher vibrational work environment; the benefits have been manifold: constructive relationships, more appreciative product and service design, achievement of maximum results with minimum effort, playfulness and joy – and to a large extent, greater abundance at all levels of being and matter.

founder rituali e pratiche
nuovi passi

I have often put myself in the position of
 the best
 version of myself,

Embracing my mistakes but also rejoicing in my successes,

with a deep sense of deserving for what I am, after years I can actually say that I feel proud of myself – first of all for who I am, free from the sense of achievement and competition,

overcoming the very concept of ‘overcoming’.

I am trained in family constellations and rituals, somatic experiencing, inner child healing, trauma healing, oracular poetry and poetic acts of power; additionally, having trained in ritual systemic, shamanism, and practices for male maturity, I frequently take part in sacred ceremonies. I have also held circles and seminars for groups, using tools based in shamanic roots.

I love playing my drum; walking in nature and travelling with my motorbike makes me feel good. I practice physical and spiritual fitness.

RITUAL CRAFTING is the result of a question that has been stirring within me for years: how can I put myself at service and how can sharing my life experience be supportive and encourage others?

I am therefore happy and thrilled to be the founding partner of this institute for the full development of human potential. I supervise and create, together with my collaborators, rituals and practices for all heroes who feel called to awaken the rebel warrior within us.


Bibliography – Suggested book – Sensitive reading

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Training institutes-Lignage Teachings

– Somatic experiencing – Peter levine
– Nemeton Institute – Marco Massignan Elena dell’Orto – Family constellations and rituals
– Systemic Institute Escuela Meta Barcelona
– Training Daan Van Kamphenout Sistemic ritual Vienna healing the heart
– Training Daan Van Kamphenout Sistemic ritual Barcelona healing the soul
– Shamanism Training – Daan Van Kamphenout – talking with DNA Paris
– Male maturity reatreat – Sujith Ravindran
– Unialeph Thematic Seminars – Mauro Scardovelli
– Oracular Poetry and Poetic Acts – Antonio Bilo Canella

I invite you to rejoice with us and transform yourself, your work, business, activity.

Start your Transformation  Today