Practices and rituals for Mind, Soul and Body

A guide to dialogue with your soul, discovering where you are at this moment, how to take the next steps in life with greater strength, integrity and resources and put them to use in your business or professional activity.

For a personal and global transformation:

How can I reconcile with my heart and bring transformation into my business?

 Together we can redraw the map, change direction and discover new places, 
with an inner magic compass that can help us make choices in life.

Ritual Crafting

Are you ready to awaken the soulful side of your company?


RCI represents the willingness to put myself at the service of soul, sharing what I am and what I do.


RCI is the result of all my life’s experiences and research, integrated into a single set of tools.


Through RCI I can honour my uniqueness and convey a magical vision of life.


I decided to take the risk of radically re-imagining a new goal for my life, helping other souls on the way to rediscover their vocation, elevating themselves and ensouling their work.

Are you ready to answer the call of your inner authority ?

May I witness the realisation of my dream where all of us human beings can bring into the world of work the perspective of soul, with more heart, generosity, and love.

From this new space of being you can:


your personal and business values


A new phase of growth


the professional life and your company with new principles

WakingUp risveglio


the quality of relationships with colleagues and/or collaborators beyond the strictly professional sphere


a process of transformation in yourself, in your company, in services and products


a greater cooperation with employees and colleagues

..and much more.

Creation is an art and we are part of it

I am absolutely convinced that we are all artists. Who better than artists to imagine a new world? It’s our responsibility to imagine it and create it.

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