Communicate with your soul

Imagine, visualise, transform your emotions in sculptures, shapes, and installations; let your creative potential flow from your hands.

We immerse ourselves in the practice of deep listening; we observe what blocks, screens and obstacles prevent us from letting our creativity flow into matter.

The practice of shaping our emotions and seeing them manifest in front of us, through shapes, colours, and matter.

Drawing on an ancient ancestral past in which our ancestors left their mark in the world through cave paintings and decorations in places of power, this is a form of artistic narration of the events of life and communication with the spirit world. In the ritual sphere – from the Peruvian curanderos to the practices of adorning sacred altars in Indonesia, Hawaiian floral necklaces, and colourful offerings to our ancestors – there are various and rich ideas where we can witness and practice the use of natural elements such as flowers, plants, and leaves to adorn in a sacred way, and as a form of symbolic art.

This is a creative practice where we move with playfulness; a mixture of floral art, land art and archetypal themes to celebrate the experience of the person within his destiny as divine creator.

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