Is a Latin term indicating the exoskeleton of the moult of certain insects, which in nature looks like a cast, often transparent; it is a perfect sculpture of what was once the body of an insect. In practice, the insect leaves behind a part of itself in order to continue living.

The Exuvia Method is one of the ritual work proposals that we offer within the Ritual Crafting container. Inspired by the observation of a transmutational event occurring in nature, we have created this tool, which is based on a holistic ritual model that works towards the dissolution of the various patterns of attachment to the past.

Coming out of ourselves, this movement means shedding the provisional identity developed in the early years of life up to the age of adolescence. If we have not undergone soul initiation or embarked on journeys into our deepest selves, we risk identifying with early adulthood patterns, whereby we responded to the demands of the outside world to create a social position for ourselves, an attainment of personal power through material acquisition, psychological security and interpersonal comfort derived from wealth, fame and success or other illusions of the ego, so we bind ourselves to a false sense of self which identifies in induced beliefs. 

By abandoning attachment to a previous identity, this places us in a new perspective rooted in listening to soul, and focused on the joyful discovery of what one’s gift to the world is.

The Path

This path that nature teaches us allows us to embody the many facets of our original human integrity; from this place of wholeness, we learn how to enter into a deeper relationship with the various sub-personalities and wounded parts of ourselves, linked to the past. Through practices, meditations, rituals, dream work rooted in the deep wilderness, and through contact with the elements and invisible forces, we let nature be our mirror. These are the first steps towards healing and transforming unresolved issues, by learning to choose authenticity over social acceptance.

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