Healing Tool

Ritual Crafting offers “Deep Nature Immersions” as a simple yet powerful healing tool. Simple contact with nature offers tangible and recognisable positive impacts on the state of our physical and psychological health.

Shirin Yoku – Nature Coaching

Taking free inspiration from the now popular Shirin Yoku – forest bathing or nature coaching – we offer paths and ritual practices in nature whereby we can facilitate the unfolding of a dynamic personal and cultural change.

Connecting with Nature

Contact with nature is part of our DNA and our ancestral memories, so it is not surprising to think that connecting with it can be considered a very effective ritual of transformation; getting rid of electronic devices, books or other distractions opens us to a newfound cognitive pathway that can be of immense relief. Listening to the voice of the Great Mother, the birds in the woods; observing the interplay of sun and light, night and darkness during the day of retreat, can amplify our perceptions; in some way, we learn to communicate with nature so as to open a magical dialogue with it and the elements.

Subtle Intelligence

If we pay attention, with vigilant presence, nature answers all our questions; she challenges us, teaches us lessons: we just need to put ourselves in a position of receptivity and inner calm. Nature is a subtle intelligence that mirrors us and speaks to us, and we can have the marked feeling of “coming home”.

Losing oneself in order to find oneself again

One aspect of our outdoor work is to consecrate the experience of being lost in deep nature as a physical movement in matter, experiencing a lack of orientation; “feeling lost” could be experienced as a terrifying experience or, on the contrary, lead to the discovery that “feeling lost” is the first step towards finding oneself, and benefitting from it spiritually.

Eco-Psycology and Ancient Wisdom

This practical work forges a bridge between ancient ancestral cultures – the ancient wisdom of shamans and natural peoples – to the vision of Western Psychology.

Eco-psychology was born out of an awareness of the growing existential, individual, and social discomfort [in our current paradigm].

Celebrate Life in Nature

The loss of connection with the natural environment generates an obvious cause of psychic and soul malaise as it takes us away from our true nature and belonging to mother earth, finding ourselves celebrating life in nature allows us to integrate the legacy of the past again.

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