The Beating Heart

Ritual Systemic Constellation is the beating heart of Ritual crafting practices, within which work with shamanic roots and systemic therapies can manifest.

We would like to present the method “systemic constellations and rituals” as if it were a child of systemic ritual constellations and shamanism.

On the one hand we present the systemic constellations as if they were the mother; on the other hand, there is shamanism, the father. Their union has given birth to a child named “Systemic Constellations and Rituals”, which carries with it recognisable characteristics and elements of both the father and the mother, but which obviously has its own identity and creativity.

Differences from Constellations

Unlike the classical constellations, in Systemic Constellations, the positions of the representatives are fixed, positioned within the field, respecting the formation of pre-established schemes or geometries suggested by the collective soul of the group, by vivid dreams or intuitions of the spirit, as distinctive common elements of Shamanic work.

 Sometimes people may represent clear and well-defined figures such as father, mother, or others belonging to one’s own system of origin, but often it also happens that elements without a clear identity may be presented, as impersonations of archetypal figures. Furthermore, there are no long dialogues but rather statements with an archaic language; sometimes even metaphorical, and a strong and constant presence of the ancestors as resources.

The course of the ritual is supported by the sound of the shamanic drum, which generates a light trance with a consequent quieting of the mind, so as to facilitate a development that generates a space, with the constant presence of the ancestors. This presence gives rise to strength and resources for the client. In fact, our approach wants to create the resources so that the client can go towards healing with a greater resolution.

Everything has a Soul

From the shamanic point of view, everything has a soul, its own consciousness; during these rituals it is possible to learn to dialogue with these essences, to become friends with them, to give birth and sustain a broader and more complete vision of the world. 

It may, for example, be a wonder to converse with the soul of our company; it may tell us unexpected things, express its needs to us; or it may even thank us for what we have done for its existence, or it may suggest ways forward so that it may feel renewed.

Finding Resources

The requesting client brings with him/her a theme of his/her life that needs to be transformed or healed; it can be inherent, contextual, and work- or business-related – or not; it could be anything that may have created an impasse: in essence, there are no limits to the potential themes to be explored. The principle will always be to find the resources to take the next step in life, and the strength to get out of any stagnant situation in order to go towards movement; change that means honouring life in its natural unfolding.

Awakening Ancestral memories

Experience showed us how powerful these rituals can be and how they bring nourishment, healing, and vitality to all participants, and how this healing and harmony spills over into daily life. The work done in circle during these days awakens our ancestral memories and related knowledge, as well as a deep sense of peace for us and our living and non-living ancestors.

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